Why are we?

“Building a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, It happens by design.”  ~Clare Muscutt


With our industry experience of more than 20 years, we design a good experience for our customers. Our unique customer experience makes us the first choice of businesses. We have served globally recognized giant companies for the last 2 decades and still continue with us.


Now, It’s your time to get the best for your business.

About FabHr

Managing daily HR tasks is a dilemma in various organizations. Dealing with the paperwork and routine administration to process employee info and answer questions is very tedious. This is where FabHR comes in.


FabHR, cloud-based, AI-driven integrated HRMS that has transformed the organizations working significantly. FabHR is easy to use, customized, cost-effective HRMS to achieve greater business growth. Manage all the tedious HR tasks in a few clicks.


Our goal is to reshape the company with talented HRs.


CTA – Reshape your company culture with FabHR

About FabHr

Why FabHR?

Privacy & Data-security

FabHR offers privacy and Data-security. The HR department is responsible for preventing employees’ personal data from being misused. A cloud-based integrated management system allows the HR department to secure data from hackers and unauthorized users.

Real-time access

Investing in an HRMS is an important step to extract maximum efficiency and productivity. Irrespective of your employee’s location, have track of your employees’ time. When they come & exit, what is their working time? Real-time tracking helps in calculating the payrolls without any error.

Flexible HRMS system

FabHR stands different from other HRMS available in the market. Understanding the fact, “No one size fits all”, FabHR offers custom-tailored features. FabHR, a customized HRMS is a unique solution to cater to specific problems of people and the needs of various departments. FabHR, the best fit for your organization.

Improves Employees self-service

Employees have hundreds of queries about terms & conditions, leaves, compensation, etc. Replying to all of them on time is impossible. FabHR facilitates individual employee profiles to check all the information they require including total paychecks, paid sick leaves or ability to work remotely.

Helps in tracking KPIs

Tracking KPIs is a crucial part of business growth and employee performance. These KPIs show how effectively workers or the entire company are achieving the business objectives. FabHR helps you in tracking these important growth parameters.

Quick support service

FabHR ensures quick service support to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your organization. We guarantee consistent support so that you have a safe and trustworthy experience with our services. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important success metric.