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QHTTP is a no-code platform to exposeany DB2 for I stored procedure as aRestful web service.


Most of IBM i Applications use Stored Proceduresfor internal and external purposes.With the evolution of IBM i, many organizationshave started moving towards modernizing theirapplications via available Products in the market.


The comman challenge with these Products isthey introduce lot of boilerplate code andeventually become maintenance nightmare.


There comes QHTTP to help you with easy-to-deploy and manage your web services byallowing you to use your existing or newStored Procedures.
QHTTP exposes your SP(s) into an endpointin just a few seconds.


Major Features

  • It can be used with any existing or new DB2 for I stored procedure.
  • Takes less than a minute to setup and expose the stored procedure as a service.
  • QHTTP is specifically designed not to include any business logic.
  • Does not require any web server (like Apache) on IBM i.
  • Can connect to multiple IBM i systems.
  • Auto-log all request, response and error data.
  • Out-of-box SSL support.