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With our industry experience of more than 20 years, we design a good experience for our customers. Our unique customer experience makes us the first choice of businesses. We have served globally recognized giant companies for the last 2 decades and still continue with us.


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Case Studies

Leading Restaurant Chain


Our Strategy

We listened to the client and suggested him the technology that would meet his needs in the best possible way. Then we created a feature-rich online store while ensuring it is compatible with the different platforms, is secure to use and would enhance the shopping experience of the users through easy navigation.




Hospitality – Restaurant

Client Overview

Client is leading multi cuisine Restaurant chain having multiple outlets in a city. The client wanted to streamline the restaurant work processes with the help of an integrated POS solution. Client envisioned establishing a smooth communication between customer, waiter, manager and chef. The idea was to establish a two way hassle free secured communication for better management and customer service.


The client wanted to create a small restaurant POS system in his budget, with an admin panel, iPhone and iPad app to enable their restaurant service staff like waiters to take and manage beverage orders, kitchen manager (chef) to manage and execute the orders and supervisor to manage the tables and booking. The need was having single solution that fits for all with secured login facilities as per role.


Android, Java, MySQL, Spring, Springboot, Hibernate, AngularJS, HTML


Computronics developed integrated solution with iPhone and iPad applications for secured login ability as per role. The phase 1 of the solution consists of a kitchen dashboard for kitchen manager, an iphone app for supervisor and an ipad app for waiter.

Chef-Kitchen Manager

Enable kitchen manager to manage the orders. Once he logs in, he can view

  • List of Open orders
  • List of Pending orders
  • Alerts on orders time
  • Inform Waiter for ready orders
  • Schedule and manage kitchen workload

Supervisor View

Once the supervisor logs in, he can view table utilization at a glance, open/close table, and customer’s reviews and other personalized services like managing customers and other records.

Waiter –Beverage Order

Allow waiters to take orders. Once the waiter logs in, he can view & choose various categories and sub categories in the menu. Item specific notes can also be taken down. A short description and image corresponding to the selected item is also shown.

Repeat Order

Smartly built system to remember the last order of the guest for that day and the guest can simply ask the waiter to repeat the last order Manage guests data and past orders for effective customer service

Call Manager

The waiter can call Manager on table from app itself, by submitting the following information:
  • – Table no
  • – Customer Name
  • – Notes

Go on Break

The team members can choose from pre-defined duration of the break or enter a custom duration, enter notes and go on a break, manager can approve and manage team work more effectively


  • This mobile POS system remarkably improves the efficiency of the waiters.
  • Manage smooth backend operations of the restaurant and enable effective customer service
  • It helps the waiter to take orders through the updated digital menu, manage multiple orders, and cancel orders too.
  • Supervisor can manage the availability of tables and accommodate maximum number of customers.
  • Improves the order placing speed and avoid mistakes happened due to bad handwriting and misunderstanding among customer, waiter and chef.
  • A perfect small restaurant managing solution helped the client to improve its customer service, more managed waiters and enabled smooth communication within the team.