Why We Are

Our 20 years journey give us excellent experience to serve our customers better, Proud to be associating with some of the big giants across world. We have been serving them since two decades and still they are with us is sign of our success.

About SQMS

Sales Quotation Management System help to small and mid-scale industry for managing proposal, Quotation, Sales Invoice and some other necessary. Also maintain customer data that enhance better customer experience and help us to serve delighted services to them.

About SQMS

How to benefit us:

  • Better Customer Experience: SQMS help us to know what our customer has taken from us previously and what he is looking for.
  • Assist in sales planning: Having the record of generated sales invoice, quotation etc assist us to analyses our previous sales transaction therefore it help us to understand sales planning.
  • Business Expansion: Over the few click things become so easy like to create proposal & Quotation, Sales Invoice. It reduce your time of efforts and such valuable time you can give it to other necessary business.