Why are we?

“Building a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident, It happens by design.”  ~Clare Muscutt


With our industry experience of more than 20 years, we design a good experience for our customers. Our unique customer experience makes us the first choice of businesses. We have served globally recognized giant companies for the last 2 decades and still continue with us.


Now, It’s your time to get the best for your business.

About SQMS

SQMS (Sales Quotation Management System) is a new innovation in the CRM world. Quotes, proposals and invoices are important documents as it conveys the prices and value of your goods and services to potential customers. Quotes are negotiable documents that are exchanged between the concerned parties before a final agreement. Investing in Sales Quotation Management System gives you a satisfied ROI by streamlining the sales process.


SQMS helps the sales team to prepare an effective & professional quote for your customer considerations. Manage proposals, Quotations, Sales Invoices & other sales processes in just a few clicks.

About SQMS

Why is SQMS the best fit?

  • Makes sales operations more efficient

SQMS streamlines the sales process with automated requests for details and approvals by the authorized sales team manager. It brings consistency and efficiency to sales operations.


  • Better Customer experience

Provides precise real-time data for improved customer experience. Data is used to understand customer behaviour and how businesses can better serve their customers.


  • Saves expensive time & effort

Create quotation & proposals, sales invoices in just a few clicks. This top-notch technology saves expensive time and invests it in strategic planning for business growth.


  • Assist in sales planning

Having the records of generated sales invoices, quotations, proposals, etc. assist you to analyze the previous transaction. SQMS is your new assistant.