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Subfiles have been an integral part ofIBM i, many business applications arestill using subfiles as their Core system.Though IBM i has evolved over theperiod of time yet Subfiles are thestrongest player in a game.


Subfile Application development consists ofScreen Design, Data Base Design and RPG Codeto RUN. These steps are well known andsometimes take enough time as well asredundant efforts for a developer.


WRTSFL is build to create fully executablesubfiles in just few steps taking less thanseconds. WRTSFL can save lot of time tobuild Subfiles. Supporting all types ofsubfiles and well indented code generated.

WRTSFL is Fast & light weight. Plug n payproduct designed for your development.


Awesome Features

  • Supports all types ofSubFiles
  • End to end CRU Doperations on the fly
  • DSPF and RPG Programgenerated simultaneously
  • Well versed and indented Code
  • Fully Customised solution
  • Easy to Manage
  • Fast and light weight
  • Installs and Runs on Native IBM i machine